Neo Star Nova-Z

Neo Star Nova-Z is my one man project. Every now and then a
guest will join me. It's all over the place but it is based around
rock and metal but also has lots of electronic and
orchestral/symphonic elements in there.


Infinity Factor - cover

Infinity Factor

The debut album. Recorded within May 2011-July 2012 All music and lyrics by Brian Waymire. Featuring Gordon Tittsworth of Images of Eden, All Too Human, and Dread the Forsaken.

Progressive Rock
17 tracks

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Omega Factor - cover

Omega Factor

The second release!! Experimental Electronic, Rock/Metal and pushed to the limit!.

16 tracks

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Chaos Trigger EP - cover

Chaos Trigger EP

Chaos Trigger contains 4 new tracks. These songs are way more in the progressive rock/metal direction featuring one vocaloid tune!!

6 tracks

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Distorted Shadows - cover

Distorted Shadows

This EP features 6 brand new tracks and , exclusive to Bandcamp and Aurovine, 2 demos from the Distorted Shadows sessions. Contains elements from Omega Factor and Chaos Trigger.

Progressive Rock
8 tracks

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Skyformer - cover


This is most likely going to be the final Neo Star Nova-Z release. An assault of metal and proggy weirdness.

Progressive Rock
7 tracks

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Location: Baton Rouge, LA


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