Omega Factor

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This includes 6 brand new tracks, their instrumental versions, the 4 demos that started it all for me and even the 2 tracks from the band that became Neo Star Nova-Z (Starfall Ax), and finally an unreleased track from Infinity Factor (don't know why I didn't release it before but whatever it's here now!). ------------------------------------------------------------- Please remember to like or follow at the following sites please!! ------------------------------------------------------------- Also, my official website is :


Brian Michael Waymire - Everything! Evan Smith - co-producer on Future Sight defintely check out his stuff at and




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Omega Factor
Omega Factor
  • Into the Darkness
  • Ethereal Path
  • Annihilation Come Forth
  • Blackened Skies
  • The Chamber Within the Flames
  • Future Sight
  • Into the Darkness (Instrumental Version)
  • Blackened Skies (Instrumental Version)
  • Future Sight (Instrumental Version)
  • Stranded in Orbit (Remastered 2010 Fl Studio Demo)
  • The Descent (Remastered 2010 Fl Studio Demo)
  • Into the Darkness (Remastered 2010 Fl Studio Demo)
  • Nova (Remastered 2010 Fl Studio Demo)
  • Leaving (Starfall Ax Track)
  • The Sanctum That is Silence (Starfall Ax Version)
  • Cosmic Journey (Unreleased Infinity Factor Track)
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